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The Magician

Destiny, Turning Point, Movement, Personal Vision


The Wheel Of Fortune is connected to the ancient greek goddess Fortuna. The image shows an eight-spoked wheel, crested by a Sphinx-like half-human beeing. There are infernal creatures riding on the wheel. The letters T-A-R-O are found aligned against four of the spokes. The letters can be combined as ROTA TARO ORAT TORA ATOR, "The wheel of tarot teaches the law of Hathor" (Hathor, egyptian goddess of love). It is also inscribed with additional alchemical symbols representing four substances like salt, mercury, sulphur and water. In the corners there are four winged creatures; the evagelists Mathew (human), John (eagle), Luke (ox) and Mark (lion). The Wheel of Fortune represents the intercession of random chance into the Fool's path. It stands for the forces that can help or hinder suddenly or unpredictably.




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