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About the Rodurago Caleidoscope Newsletter

The Rodurago Caleidoscope Newsletter is an expansion to Rodurago website and reflecting in-depht by several columns some of carefully selected topics related to numbers, numerals and signs I already focus or touch on Rodurago website.
Distantly related topics will be also presented, subjects which have in any form a relation to numbers, numerals and signs from various perspectives. The whole picture created by the articles will throw a caleidoscope- or mandala-alike picture of many small parts being universes for themselves but creating a varying, and variegated figure, as it is in the world of numbers and signs and in the world in general.

A caleidoscope is familiar to some of us since their childhood, as a fascinating, playful instrument for research and disvovery. Thus children learn in the most easiest imaginable way, they avidly absorb all impressionsm since they are still themselves.
Later, with growing up and increasing age, a layer falls on this natural curiosity veiling it by pre-made knowledge, which I absorb in different ways. The true person of ourselves is blurred and can be approached again by opening various little doors, complementing puzzle pieces one by one, by reflecitons and mirrors and mysteries to be solved and resolved.

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