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Traces of year of birth

The traces of year of birth is an algorithm which produces the root sum of a year of birth. A root sum is a combination of several summands. For instance the root sum of 2005 is 7. This means you can use any year to calculate its sum, which you then can use for the following calculation.
If you want to calculate the trace of a year of birth you take the given year, e.g. 1971, adding its digits to one another. The result is 18. This number you add to the initial number, i.e. the year of birth, (in our example 1971 + 18 = 1989). Using this method you can produce further traces. I call this algorithm traces of year of birth since you can connect these years with certain events. But of course you can also view historic events from this perspective. The "Prague defenestration" marked the beginning of the Thirty Yearsí War. In this war commander Albrecht von Waldstein, better
known as "Wallenstein", played a major role, since he wanted to dispute the German emperorís power. In the end he got murdered on the emperorís command in 1634. This led to a turning point in the war, which eventually ended in 1648.
When looking at these numbers one can notice, that adding the digit sums of the particular years produces the following series: 1618 + 16 = 1634 + 14 = 1648. If you carry on in the same manner, you come up with the years of 1933, 1949 and 1991. The latter years of course can also be associated with historic events.
Choose a year preceding your year of birth (in the select field between 1 and 2000 A.D.) and a year following your year of birth (i.e. between 1950 and 2500) in order to find out the traces of your year of birth.

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