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Annual cycles

With this algorithm you can plot circular movements. This means I depict a circular movement using a spiral.
In this case the earth’s orbit around the sun shall be depicted as a cycle.
The variables C0 and C1 are necessary for indicating which type of annual cycle you want to have plotted (for example the 7-year cycle or the 8-eight year cycle of the Traditional Chinese Medicine).
The number of graphs produced when you enter 3 for C0 (C0=3) and 9 for C1 (C1=9) is 7.
J0 stands for the first year and J1 for the final year of the circular movement you want to have plotted. So the numbers entered for J0 and J1 must always be larger than C1.
A nice calculation would be C0=3, C1=25, J0=3, J1=120 (default). You should use 64 pixels as the basic size of the picture.

Annual cycles:

from C0 =
to C1 = Jahre

Start year:

J0 =

End year:

J1 =

Image size:

Year circles:

Twelth circles:

Annual numbers: