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Aquarius    - 21. January - 19. February

Aquarius is named "The Great One" in the Babylonian mythology and represents the god Ea himself. Ea was the ruler of the southernmost quarter of the Sun's path, the "Way of Ea". Aquarius has also been identified as the pourer of the waters that flooded the Earth in the ancient Greek version of the Great Flood myth.
In astrology, the Age of Aquarius is one of the twelve astrological ages. According to astrologers, it is either the next age to come, or else it is the current age. Aquarius traditionally "rules" electricity, computers, democracy, freedom, modernization, rebels and rebellion, mental diseases and astrology.

Brightest stars


A white giant in 170 light years distance.






Israel. tribe:




Alchimistical element:



Aquarius' are forward thinking and self-directed. They are a born revolutionary so no one can tell them how to live their life. Their clear-cut approach makes it perfectly clear just how differently they wish to experience life. They just donít want to be like others and take pride in the fact that they are so unique. Even if they are occasionally criticised for their cheeky attitude, they would prefer to be self-sufficient rather than being a sheep in society who follows everyone elseís lead.


Empathy, visionary, extravagance


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