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Correspondences and Analogies

What are correspondences?

On this page I want to show the connections between the old sciences.

As a system for introducing you to the symbolism of my web performance I use the cabbalistic tree of life.

By the help of this system I bring together several entities of number- and letter-systems in order to present you with the world of numbers.

To get further with this systems I provide miscellaneous algorithms which shall help you to concentrate your interests on certain things.


The Numerals

All aspects of the numbers including the 0. Mythological, numerological and mathematical properties.


Here you find the twelve zodiacs and all their correspondences

The Tree of Life

The cabbalistic tree of life is a mystical symbol within the Cabbalah of esoteric Judaism used to understand the nature of God.


The Tarot

A short view into the Tarot.

The Classical Planets

An overview of the seven classical orbs with all their correspondences

The Archangels

The ten archangels in the tree of life.


Alchemistic Elements

The five alchemistic elements and their correspondences with the worlds entities

The Ordinal Alphabets

The ordinal alphabets are a table with various alphabets of different cultures.


Various correspondences for today.



Here you find a collection of the most important gemstones.

Magic Squares

The magic squares of the numbers 3 to 9. All with various alphabets.


The timezones of the world. Here you find a table of various places and their timezomes.