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Algorithms and Calculation Methods

The word algorithm is of arabic origin and means "methodical process". Such processes make calculations of several data easy.

Especially if one has big amounts of data. Please click on one of the following icons to begin with the calculation of such data.


Life Path Number

With the help of this algorithm I provide various correspondences for the features of the Life Path Number calculated from your birthday or any other date.


With my algorithm I want to test the seven main Chakras by asking several questions concerning each Chakra. You can answer these questions using a multiple-choice script.

Name Numerology

This algorithm divides your name into its numerological components. Find out more about the numerology of your name.


Relationship Analysis

With the help of this algorithm you can compare the entities of your and your partners birthday.

Perpetual Lunar Calendar

This algorithm produces lunar calendars of the years 500 AD to 4000 AD for more than 1300 places on earth. For each day the moon phase and the moon age is shown. Additional the zodiac constellation is shown.

Kabbalah Dictionary

Find kabbalistic terms and concepts in this dictionary. Gematria and Atbash of all words are provided.


Word Extractor

This algorithm helps you extract words from a text you entered or a text file. The extracted letters and words are listed according to frequency.

Word Amounts

This algorithm converts an entered word into its numerological amount. Therefore I use the formula A=1, B=2, C=3, ..., Z=26. As a basis for the output a word collection of more than 3200 terms is used.

Corresponding Date

This algorithm shall help you by finding a date where certain correspondences align with each other. Therefore you choose a weekday and a figure between 3 and 9.



With this algorithm you can plot circular movements. This means I depict a circular movement using a spiral. In this case the earth’s orbit around the sun shall be depicted as a cycle.

Traces of year of birth

The traces of year of birth produce the root sum of a year of birth. A root sum is a combination of several summands. For instance the root sum of 2005 is 7.